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Help for CALD clients

I try to be pretty aware of the additional risk of disorientation and social isolation for clients who are CALD(Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) and living in my facility:  i.e. learning bits and pieces of languages, hiring films/books in different languages, celebrating national days, but even so I’m sure my programme stills falls short for them at … Continue reading

Nursing and Medical Museum

 How about a bus trip to the Nursing and Medical Museum in Little Bay, Sydney? It occupies a ward that was once part of the Prince Henry Hospital at Little Bay. It has a rich history – built in the 1800’s at some away from the city, to treat patients with infectious diseases including smallpox, tuberculosis, bubonic plague … Continue reading

Originally posted on Exploring Dementia:
1. Clip  coupons2. Sort poker chips3. Count tickets4. Rake leaves 5. Use the carpet sweeper 6. Read out loud 7. Bake cookies 8. Look up names in the phone book 9. Read the daily paper out loud 10. Ask someone with a child to visit 11.Listen to polka music 12.…

The Reality of Reality Orientation

Yesterday afternoon in the secure unit for people with dementia, Betty* had been wandering around looking for a specialist for about an hour, asking everyone she saw where she should go to see the specialist for her appointment. I was doing other things so told her a few times that the specialist wouldn’t be in … Continue reading

Sing the ‘Flus Away

I always like to have a few benefits of activities up my sleeves – I find that some ressies are quite interested in ‘the point’ and that it assists in motivation. Plus it can be helpful for motivating rec staff and reminding other staff in the multidisciplinary team that DT is more than just fun and … Continue reading

Impressionist Works

So I facilitated a watercolour painting session with a group of people with dementia. We used impressionist works and it worked really well. See these links for some good Van Gogh: http://www.supercoloring.com/wp-content/original/2009_10/Sunflowers-by-Vincent-Van-Gogh-coloring-page.jpg http://practicalpages.wordpress.com/2011/08/05/tracing-outlines-of-famous-art-works/ Alternatively, a quick Google images search (selecting line drawing in the options) will find you Renoir, Monet, Manet, Cezanne… Here’s an example of a … Continue reading

Iran Day

Helping clients (especially from NESB) to maintain cultural identity is so important – and a particularly fun way to do this is by celebrating national days. If you have a Persian or Iranian client, you could celebrate Persian culture  today, Iranian Independence Day or alternatively, during the last week of March, which is Iranian New Year. … Continue reading