Help for CALD clients

I try to be pretty aware of the additional risk of disorientation and social isolation for clients who are CALD(Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) and living in my facility:  i.e. learning bits and pieces of languages, hiring films/books in different languages, celebrating national days, but even so I’m sure my programme stills falls short for them at times; as hard as I try, my Latvian just doesn’t always make the cut – and despite my best attempts, sometimes my national days just seem like a polite nod (or in the case of a Bulgarian resident, a polite shake) in their direction; how authenticly Israeli can Woolies hummous be – and how authentically Indian can Lipton’s Chai really be?? I digress. My point is, I’m always eager for new resources in that department, so I’m rather pleased to say I’ve recently been introduced to the Centre for Cultural Diversity in Aging’s webite, a great DT resource with a few super handy free printables, including communication cards and unit signs. There’s a few tips for working with CALD clients with dementia as well as leisure specific tips. They also seem to have some good workshops – all Melbourne based though. Ausgeseichnet!!


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