India Day!


Indian National Day this week! Here’s my rough plan:

Decorate: with printed out Indian flags and streamers of green and orange for the flag colours and plenty of battery operated candles. You can of course find flags online as well as pictures of well known Indian sights/people. (E.g the Taj Mahal, Ghandi, Rudyard Kipling, Mother Theresa, various cricketers, etc.) I’ll also get the craft group to do some water colour bright blue elephants which I’ll laminate and stick around. Of course it goes without saying that if you have staff/ residents who are Indian, make sure you inclued them and their families as much as possible! An invaluable resource for ensuring authenticity (and obtaining awesome decorations!!)  


Serve: Papadams and mango chutney or a yoghurt cucumber dip, Indian sweets, mango lassis (like a smoothie), chai tea.


Lassi recipe:


Play: Indian music, think Bollywood, traditional Indian music, the Slumdog Soundtrack or you could probably get away with Kamahl.

Do: Have chess boards around (the game originated in India), play an adapted game of Cricket. You could also try an Indian Marble “Kanchey” Game (see below for rules) I’ll also have a little quiz which I’ll largely take from here: You could have a resident read a Kipling Just So Story or one of his poems – “If” is always a favourite! If you were keen, you could even teach clients a few basic words in Hindi




Kanchey Rules

 One of the traditional Indian games is the game of marbles, called Kanchey.  All you need is marbles.  Dig a shallow hole in the ground and the objective of the game is to get all the marbles into the hole. Start at about 2 yards away from the hole. The way to get the marbles into the hole is by aiming using your forefingers.  The marble was held by the forefinger of the left hand. The finger was stretched back like a bow-string by the pressure of the forefinger of the right hand. When the finger was released themarble shot forward.


For more info:


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