Le 14 Juillet – Bastille Day!

Bastille Day, France’s national holiday on July 14, is seen as the symbol of the end of the French monarchy and the beginning of the First Republic. It was on July 14 in 1789 that the angry French mob stormed the Bastille Prison in Paris, which triggered the French Revolution that toppled King Louis XVI and the aristocracy. Let them eat cake no more!!! As a historical symbol of revolt against injustice, Bastille Day is commemorated world-wide. In Paris, festivities are held on the Champs-Élysées, in front of the President of the Republic. My place will be holding festivities of its own, celebrating with a few fairly low key things as it’s a Saturday which means minimal leisure staff on: (click on pics for more details)

The place will naturally be decorated with red, blue and white, plenty of flags and fleur de lises around and we’ll be playing plenty of Carla Brunei will be played on repeat. Oh I love her! See itunes to get some of her music. Also, in decorations, I have an extensive collection of glass jars (I can’t understate how handy these are!!) and we have several huge lavender bushes around the place, so to tap in to these already available (and free!!) resources, I’ll have a craft group arrange lavender into the glass jars and one will go on each table.

Last year we did quiches and the year before, it was croissants, however this year, the cooking group will whip up some French toast:

And this film will be screened:

Also, you could consider French classes:


Or some Impressionist appropriations:

Chocolate truffles:

Or even read some Aesops Fables (or Victor Hugo or Proust if your clients are keen!) And of course, check out your copy of Never to Old To Learn for some more ideas and quiz questions.



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