Knitting For a Cause

Winter’s definitely settled in—and so is the need for something extra to keep Sydney street dwelling residents warm. At my facility, I have a lot of keen knitters and a bottomless bag of donated wool and knitting needles, so we’re knitting scarves and beanies for a project run by our organisation which provides a safe space for people who are homeless or marginalised in a low socio-economic area not far from us. (Email me if you are interested in more details.) This winter we’re also knitting brightly coloured blankets for the children’s hospital. 

Knitting for charities is such a great way to encourage individual and independent participation in leisure whilst promoting opportunities for altruism and a sense of meaning!

With a little detective work, you’ll find there are loads of different projects around; in the past, we’ve also been involved in knitting dog jackets for the RSPCA, woollen pouches for orphaned natives at WIRES, squares for knits with love and booties for AIDS orphans in Malawi.


Click the image below for more ideas:


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