Israel Day

Recently held Israeli Day for a client of mine who grew up in Israel – people seem to be a bit divided on the date, many seem  to say it’s the 8th May; according to Wikipedia, “The Israeli Declaration of Independence (Hebrew: הכרזת העצמאות‎, Hakhrazat HaAtzma’ut or Hebrew: מגילת העצמאות‎ Megilat HaAtzma’ut), was made on 14 May 1948″…

Anyhoo, we didn’t hold it on either of those dates, we held it a week or so later, it didn’t really matter in our case as our resident wasn’t even aware of a national day. If you have an Israeli resident, perhaps it’d be best to check with them…

It was a good opportunity to team up with the chaplain, who ran a kind of armchair travel “Holy Land” afternoon.

I decorated with blue streamers and stars of davids as well as photographs of Israeli landmarks, people and foods I had collected and printed out in colour from a Google Image search. We played some contemporary Israeli easy listening music and the chaplain showed some pictures and led a discussion on different significant areas in Israel. For afternoon tea, we searved hummous and watercrackers and mint tea which went down pretty well.

It was a good afternoon with plenty of positive feedback from residents, and one in particular who had refound her long lost love of hommous.


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