Olympics Crafts

Just a little inspiration for those scratching their heads trying to work out some sort of Olympic themed craft. Click the pictures to find out more info on each.

Pipe Cleaner Craft

My vision for this would be using just gold or silver pipecleaners. Bit more sophisicated if I can use pipe cleaner and sophisitacted in such close proximity of each other. But good way to use up all those old pipe cleaners in the activity store.

Knitted/Crochetted Rings.

I’m planning on approaching a few individuals with a pattern/picture.

PVA Gold Rings

Biscuit Medals

What’s the Olympics season in an aged care facility without some sort of ‘mini-olympics.’ These could be used to reward winners. Make a break from those plastic ones with ribbons sized for children’s heads.

Paper Chain

 Self explanitory. It’s a chain. Made of rings. In olympic colours. It could be used to decorate the place and inject a little festivity.

Medal Tally

I can see this working beautifully at my place. I’ll assign a resident with the task of keeping it updated. I’ll probably have a flag for each country respresented within the facility. Good way to promote a bit of healthy cometition. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!!

Multicultual Wreath

Good way to promote cultural identity and multicultural competition.

Rings Artwork

So easy yet effective! Just a matter of having the right coloured paint and dipping empty jars into it and stamping it onto the paper. Perfect craft for a group of people with dementia. Cheap, easily accessible resources, no chance of failure, would work in a group or individual setting.


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