Check out this great blog – it’s full of interesting entries and articles about dementia!

Exploring Dementia

1. Clip  coupons2. Sort poker chips3. Count tickets4. Rake leaves

5. Use the carpet sweeper

6. Read out loud

7. Bake cookies

8. Look up names in the phone book

9. Read the daily paper out loud

10. Ask someone with a child to visit

11.Listen to polka music

12. Plant seeds indoors or out

13. Look at family photographs

14. Toss a ball

15. Color pictures

16. Make homemade lemonade

17. Wipe off the table

18. Weed the flower bed

19. Make cream cheese mints

20.Have a spelling bee

21. Read from the Reader’s Digest

22. Fold clothes

23.Have a friend with a calm pet visit

24.Cut pictures out of greeting cards

25.Wash silverware

26.Bake homemade bread

27.Sort objects by shape and color

28.Sing old songs

29.“Tell me more” when they talk about a memory

30.Put silverware away

31. Make a Valentine collage

32.Play favorite songs.  Sing along.


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