Sing the ‘Flus Away

I always like to have a few benefits of activities up my sleeves – I find that some ressies are quite interested in ‘the point’ and that it assists in motivation. Plus it can be helpful for motivating rec staff and reminding other staff in the multidisciplinary team that DT is more than just fun and games. Plus I find that it’s a benefit for myself to feel that I ‘know my stuff.’  So… here’s the lowdown on singing:

Why sing?? Research available on singing identifies some key physical benefits – it’s an aerobic activity so it exercises major muscle groups in the upper body, improving the efficiency of your cardiovascular system and encourages you to take more oxygen into your body, leading to increased alertness, stress reduction, longevity and better overall health.

Improved airflow in the upper respiratory tract is likely to lessen the opportunity for bacteria to flourish there, countering the symptoms of colds and flu. Particularly handy at the moment!!

It also aids the development of motor control and coordination, and recent studies have shown that it improves neurological functioning.

Check out these links for more info:


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