Queen Elizabeth II Discussion/Reminiscence session

I know I keep banging on about the Jubliee, but I have several clients with British backgrounds and many clients  look at Queen Elizabeth with fondess and great interest so it’s going to be a great theme week!

Tomorrow, we’ll be having a reminiscence session. I’ve asked them to bring along photos or memorys of the Queen or the Royal family, and I’ll have plenty of gossip mag articles floating around. I’ve also done a Google Image search and found plenty – see the pdf document and feel free to pinch!! Click here: queen elizabeth

I have a few discussion prompts prepared, but in all honesty, with my guys, it’s not really necessary as the conversation flows really easily and well.

I’ll  start off by introducing topic, i.e. Diamond Jubilee and ask if clients remember the coronation or any other Jubliee. Then I’ll ask about visits to Australia, and if any of my clients have ever shared company with the Queen (I know in advance one of them had tea with the Queen at the Trocadero in  London in the 50’s. Just a fun little side note – I totally saw her drive out of her driveway in Buckingham Palace when I was living in London a couple of years ago! True story!)




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