Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Great opportunity for a theme week.

We’ll be making bunting, writing to the Queen (click graphic above for info) holding a high tea (with twinings tea and cucumber sandwiches), holding a garden party (with cream tea), having a British Quiz afternoon, reminiscing about the royal family, playing croquet, eating a roast dinner with yorkshire puddings and horseradish, watching The Queen and The King’s Speech and listening to lots of Vera Lynn and the Beatles.

I tried my darndest to get a corgi in for the day but to no avail. We do have the local dog training school coming in on a Saturday though (for free!) I’d highly recommend giving your local puppy obedience school a shot!

At the risk of losing some of my (admittedly quiet) site traffic, check out the link below. It’s a great blog with some amazing ideas.  Just discovered it yesterday – love it.


And here is some great, printable themed bunting:


I do like an excuse for bunting, had the craft group do it this week, they enjoyed it and looks great in my humble opinion:



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