Nurses’ Day

Every year, all around the world, May 12th marks International Nurse’s Day. It’s been celebrated on this day since 1965-the date chosen as it is Florence Nightingale’s (1820-1910)  birthday. She’s widely considered to be the founder of modern Nursing. It is a day to remember the huge contributions nurses make to society and even our own lives.

So at my place, we’re planning  a special Nurses’  Day afternoon tea on Friday, May 11th, it’ll be fairly brief and around handover time so the maximum number will be able to attend.  The residents have made cards that look a little something like the picture below for all the PCAs, E/ENs & RNs and I’ll have a couple of clients say thank you on behalf  of the residents.

I’ll have pictures that I found on google images of Florence Nightingale and old nurses as well as a couple  of pictures of our own nurses. I’ll possibly use these in a very quick quiz or to prompt discussion. The theme this year is “Closing the Gap” so health inequalities could be a discussion prompt also.

One year I facilitated a bed making competition – we had three competitors – a PCA, the Hostel Supervisor and the maintenance co-ordinator each had to make a bed – wearing an old fashioned nurse’s hat my sister had very cleverly sewed for me. We had residents judge it out of ten and hold up signs; it was hilarious.

I’m putting on MASH later on for my guys, but for some for nurse film ideas go here:

Or here for some more theme ideas:


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