Posted in May 2012

Parlez-Vous Français?

The other day, a client of mine flippantly commented that she would have loved to have learned French when she was younger. I smiled and told her that you’re never too old to learn. Languages are popular with the U3A and the Wesley Senior’s Learning, and after a little hunt on Google Scholar, I found that there’s a bit of … Continue reading

Writing to the Queen

You could get a group of residents to write a congratulatory letter to HRH. Her Majesty can be reached at the following address: Her Majesty The Queen Buckingham Palace London SW1A 1AA It’s ettiquete to  open with ‘Madam’. You close the letter with  ‘I have the honour to be, Madam, Your Majesty’s humble and obedient servant’. Find more … Continue reading

Ten things you may not know about HRH

1. The Queen was born at 17 Bruton St, London W1 on the 21st April, 1926. 2. In an average year, The Queen will host more than 50,000 people at banquets, lunches, dinners, receptions and Garden Parties at Buckingham Palace. 3. The Queen learnt to drive in 1945. 4. With the birth of Prince Andrew … Continue reading

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Great opportunity for a theme week. We’ll be making bunting, writing to the Queen (click graphic above for info) holding a high tea (with twinings tea and cucumber sandwiches), holding a garden party (with cream tea), having a British Quiz afternoon, reminiscing about the royal family, playing croquet, eating a roast dinner with yorkshire puddings and … Continue reading

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

One in two Australians will be diagnosed with Cancer before they turn 85. Get your ressies involved in Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea on Thursday 24th May and encourage them to donate to the Cancer Council join the battle against cancer. Check your facilities policies on bringing food in first, but perhaps you could have a … Continue reading

National Volunteer Week

It’s National Volunteer Week this week! Don’t forget to say thank you to the invaluable resource that are your volunteers! What better excuse for a special morning/ afternoon tea or BBQ. I once ran a BBQ breakfast which worked really well. The link below has some good certificate templates you can use if your organisation … Continue reading


Just read the following in an old textbook and felt that it was a really good reminder of what I think is a big part of our jobs. Battling ageism; against society, co-workers, relatives, clients – and ourselves. Ageism has been defined as a process of systematic stereotyping of and discrimination against people because they are old … Continue reading

Captivated by Cape Town

Captivated by Cape TownCape Town, South Africa Cape Town, South Africa Cape Town is one of the best cities in the world. Dramatic mountain backdrop, friendly people, cheap market shopping, amazing food*, some really interesting sites including the evocative Robben Island where Mandela and other political prisoners spent too much time, Table Mountain, and the … Continue reading