Back to Jo’Berg

Back to Jo'Berg
Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa

Back to Jo’berg today. The drive was lovely, the highlight being a stop at Blyde River Canyon, which is the third largest in the world, after Grand Canyon and another one somewhere in Africa.

On my return to Jo’berg, I visited Jo’berg’s china town and bought some bubble tea, which made me smile. My bubble tea was the embodiment of the global village. An Australian, in South Africa, drinking (Korean) Bubble Tea in China Town. Passed my old friend who called me his sister last week, who again called me his sister and told me that Jesus loved me and scored two pears for his trouble. Then hit some markets, I do like markets. My, I could spend some money here, if I had plenty of space and Australia allowed wood.

Hung out briefly with some South African guys who were representing their city in a sporting tournament. Quite interesting to speak to them; it’s evident that some of the apartheid mentality is still alive and well. Some of the phrases that passed their lips were actually shocking! I suppose it is such recent history, a little more time needs to pass for complete reconciliation. As an Australian, don’t I know it!


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