There’s nowhere like…South Africa

There's nowhere like…South Africa
Kruger National Park, South Africa

Kruger National Park, South Africa

Left at 0530 this am. On the way, it was probably a little before six, I saw an African woman with a campfire on the side of a highway. Stopped for breakfast at a petrol station; there was a rhino at a dam just behind it!

This afternoon we visited a Cheetah Park – was quite fun – lots of cheetahs obviously, plus vulchers, hyenas, African dogs etc…it was started by a lady who loved Cheetahs and dedicated her life to their conservation.

Staying in a beautiful Safari Lodge called Timbavati. Upon being shown my tent, where I would stay for the next three nights, I was told not to worry about the warthogs who sometimes come to the tents…haha, this is South Africa. After popping my stuff in the tent, I grabbed my book (White Thorn, Bryce Courtnenay, very good albeit incredibly reminiscent of Power of One) and sat by the pool – and sure enough, there was Pumba sniffing for grubs by the pool.

Spent time talking to one of the staff, an Afrikaner guy who told me about flooding in these parts in January. Apparently the water came to the very place where we were sitting. His former workplace, a swanky Safari Lodge with RAN 200000 doors imported from India and home were both washed away. His mother, brother and dog were all fine but he was still grieving photographs which had not been backed up….

Tonight, I went on a night drive through Kruger. It was very exciting…saw charmeleons, zebras, an elephant, lots of impala…can’t wait for tomorrow!!!


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