National Day of Thanksgiving

Australia’s National Day of Thanksgiving is held on the last Saturday of May each year, so this year will be held May 26th. It is a day for all Australians to pause as a nation and say thank you to God, and to each other for those many things we often take for granted – those things that really make our lives worth living.

Each year there’s  a focus, this year there are two –

Local Government 
We encourage you to thank not just Mayors and Councillors, but also Council staff and workers contracted by Councils, ie: waste disposal, recycling, parks and gardens, etc.

Chaplains are found in many different organisations like Hospitals, Schools, Industry, Police, Fire, Ambulance, SES, Sporting Bodies, Migrant Support Services.

So there is lots that an aged care facility can do with that – hooray for an opportunity to thank our wonderful, caring, devoted and invaluable chaplains! But also, it’s a great opportunity for staff and residents to thank each other! For a multidisciplinary approach, you could work with the chaplaincy team – there are lots of Christian faith based resources for holding themed chapel services on the site.

See the link below for more info and loads of great, free, printable resources:



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