Posted in April 2012


D'UrbanDurban, South Africa Durban, South Africa The road from Johnannesburg to Durban is picturesque to say the least. Drove past corn fields where women were gathering dried husks and filling huge sacks with them and walking along the road balancing these huge sacks on their heads. “It’s for fuel”, my bus driver explained, noticing my … Continue reading

Back to Jo’Berg

Back to Jo'BergJohannesburg, South Africa Johannesburg, South Africa Back to Jo’berg today. The drive was lovely, the highlight being a stop at Blyde River Canyon, which is the third largest in the world, after Grand Canyon and another one somewhere in Africa. On my return to Jo’berg, I visited Jo’berg’s china town and bought some … Continue reading


WimowehKruger National Park, South Africa Kruger National Park, South Africa Ohhhh Kruger National Park, what a place. Both yesterday and today, I woke at 5 for a 5:30am start – climbed in the open safari vehicle and both mornings made it to the gates for opening time and was welcomed by a breathtakingly beautiful African … Continue reading

There’s nowhere like…South Africa

There's nowhere like…South AfricaKruger National Park, South Africa Kruger National Park, South Africa Left at 0530 this am. On the way, it was probably a little before six, I saw an African woman with a campfire on the side of a highway. Stopped for breakfast at a petrol station; there was a rhino at a … Continue reading

Abhorrent Apartheid

Abhorrent ApartheidJohannesburg, South Africa Johannesburg, South Africa Paid a visit to the township of Soweto. It’s an area I’ve had an interest in since I went to see the Soweto Gospel Choir in Sydney back in 2004. It was interesting to me that there even in Soweto there is considerable disparity between rich and poor. … Continue reading

It Starts.

It Starts.Johannesburg, South Africa Johannesburg, South Africa So despite a bit of an eventful start of the flight (literally running to the express train to Heathrow and making it to the bag drop one minute before closing) the flight itself was rather uneventful; sat on the window next to Alan from Detroit who has made … Continue reading

National Day of Thanksgiving

Australia’s National Day of Thanksgiving is held on the last Saturday of May each year, so this year will be held May 26th. It is a day for all Australians to pause as a nation and say thank you to God, and to each other for those many things we often take for granted – … Continue reading

Impressionist Works

So I facilitated a watercolour painting session with a group of people with dementia. We used impressionist works and it worked really well. See these links for some good Van Gogh: Alternatively, a quick Google images search¬†(selecting line drawing in the options)¬†will find you Renoir, Monet, Manet, Cezanne… Here’s an example of a … Continue reading

Eight Easter Film Ideas

Wondering what to do for clients in your absence over this long weekend? What about an Easter film festival? Leave snacks out for care staff to serve. You could even assign a capable resident with the task of putting on the films. Here are a few ideas. Click the film poster for the IMBD synopsis … Continue reading