So my residents made bunting recently. It was quite fun and lots of residents got involved, plus it was a good way to use up a surplus of fabric scraps. There are lots of fancy ways one can make it, and the purists would shudder at our methods perhaps, but it was easy as anything and looked great. We pop it up whenever we have some kind of celebration (i.e. birthdays, staff leaving do etc) and it’s nice for them to see their craft work have a functional purpose.

So all I  needed was:

  1. 10 copies of this template:  http://www.madisonmag.com.au/assets/Bunting-template.jpg
  2. Fabric scraps. Someone once donated loads of those fabric sample squares which worked nicely but any brightly coloured fabric will do. Big W and Lincraft sell fabric remnants cheaply.
  3. Scissors (pinking shears look best if you have them)
  4. Craft Glue
  5. Ribbon

The method was just a matter of getting the residents to cut out the fabric in the shape of the template and arranging the triangles in an aesthetically pleasing order and then sticking the fabric triangles onto the ribbon. Most would recommend sewing, we didn’t and it looks good and holds together well. You could always sew it afterwards if you were so led.

There are loads of ways you could vary this too; you could use paper, you could do themed bunting, eg green and gold for australia day or use printed scrapbooking paper, heavy wrapping paper perhaps…

There’s a link below for a more traditional method:



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