Leap Year

Leap year babies around the world are rejoicing on this day, the day where they are able to celebrate a birthday. Famous leap year babies include

1468 – Pope Paul III
1692 – John Byrom, English poet
1736 – Ann Lee, American founder of Shakers
1792 – Gioachino Rossini, Italian composer
1812 – Sir James Wilson, Premier of Tasmania
1852 – Frank Gavan Duffy, Australian judge
1852 – George Maximilianovich, 6th Duke of Leuchtenberg, Russian nobleman
1860 – Herman Hollerith, American statistician
1892 – Ed Appleton, American baseball player
1908 – Alf Gover, English cricketer
1916 – Dinah Shore, American singer and actress
1924 – David Beattie, New Zealand Governor-General
1928 – Joss Ackland, English actor
1944 – Phyllis Frelich, American actress
1956 – Jonathan Coleman, Anglo-Australian entertainer
1976 – Ja Rule, American rapper and actor
1976 – Terrence Long, American baseball player
1980 – Clinton Toopi, New Zealand rugby league footballer
1984 – Darren Ambrose, English footballer
1992 – Sean Abbott, Australian cricketer

If you have a leap year baby at your facility, it goes without saying that a special birthday party on this day is in order. If not, perhaps a morning tea discussion session on what leap years are and why we have them could go down well.

Or you could hold a discussion on traditions (e.g. it is the one day of the year where a woman can propose to a man) Good info can be found here:


Alternatively, you could show the film Leap Year (2010) or hold a reminiscence session about what they were doing when they were a quarter of the age that they are now (as leap year babies only celebrate birthdays every four years, many claiming to be a quarter of their age.)

Plus there’s always the frog angle! Lots to do there! You could try these: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/frog-cupcakes/

Or… frogs legs anyone?

 For more leap year ideas, go here:



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