Iran Day

Helping clients (especially from NESB) to maintain cultural identity is so important – and a particularly fun way to do this is by celebrating national days. If you have a Persian or Iranian client, you could celebrate Persian culture  today, Iranian Independence Day or alternatively, during the last week of March, which is Iranian New Year.

For my Persian Day, I found lots of pictures from google images – think pictures of Iranian children, persian rugs, bazaars, tea, nature, Esfahan and Tehran etc. I printed these out in A4. I used these to decorate the room as well as to prompt discussion.

I also printed out some Iranian flags, which I also put around the room.

For afternoon tea, I served Doogh (which we made) and Baklava (bought). Doogh is a popular refreshing drink in Iran that is made with yogurt, water and salt.  It is usually served with any kind of kebab dishes, any chicken and meat meals or just served as a cooling and healthy drink.  You’ll probably only need very small amounts of this for each client as it is definitely an acquired taste – but my Persian client loved it.

Serves 4

1 1/2 cups of yogurt, whisk well to make it smooth
2 cups of water or club soda
Salt to taste
A good pinch of dried mint or Persian herbs for doogh* (optional)
Lots of ice cubes


  1. Gradually combine yogurt and water. Mix well using a hand mixer, blender or a whisk.
  2. Add salt to taste, dried mint and ice cubes, stir till it blends well.

Serve chilled.

Play Persian music to add to the atmosphere. If you don’t have any yourself, You can get it online or in the itunes store.

Omar Khayyam is probably Iran’s most celebrated poet. You could read selections from his book, the Rubiyat of Omar Khayyam. It’s online here in its entirety, however it would probably be nicer to borrow it from the library if you can.


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