Valentine’s Day

What? Valentine’s Day!!

Wear? Red or pink?

Make? Strings of hearts, cards, lebkuchen hearts? Chocolates?

Decorate with? Flowers, love quotes etc

Eat? Lebkuchen hearts

Do? You could have a Concert with plenty of love songs. Or Love Song Dedications over PA system? Valentines Cards? Games with Hearts? How about a famous Couples Quiz – print out plenty of pictures of famous couples, and have clients guess who they are.

Watch? Casablanca (1942) or Valentines Day (2010) or Random Harvest (1942)

Or, you could do Valentine’s Day with a Difference…

What? Valentine’s Day with a Love Boat theme – pick a destination. e.g. Hawaii

Wear? Hawaiian shirts, leis etc.

Make? Leis,

Eat? Hawiian Pizza, mocktails etc

Decorate with? Hibiscuses, travel posters of Hawaii

Do? Hawaiian Quiz, Love Boat Quiz, Nautical Quiz,

Watch? The Love Boat!

Listen to?


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