Posted in February 2012

Leap Year

Leap year babies around the world are rejoicing on this day, the day where they are able to celebrate a birthday. Famous leap year babies include 1468 – Pope Paul III 1692 – John Byrom, English poet 1736 – Ann Lee, American founder of Shakers 1792 – Gioachino Rossini, Italian composer 1812 – Sir James … Continue reading

World Compliment Day

March 1st is World Compliment Day. According to the press release, it is “just about consciously reflecting on what someone in your area does well and letting that person know he/she is sincerely appreciated for that. It should be done through words instead of gifts. A sincere and personal compliment costs nothing, but the impact on … Continue reading

Star Gazing Night

Who doesn’t enjoy a night with the stars. Contact your local observatory; chances are good that they will have a member of the community who just happens to be passionate about astronomy and who has a decent telescope and who may just be happy to visit your facility with the said telescope one night. The … Continue reading


What? Dancing Who? Anyone! Why? Not only is it fun, it is good exercise too! University of Sydney researchers are currently undergoing a research project with thirteen different aged care facilities in Sydney. They believe that regular dancing could reduce falls by up to 37%! Researcher Dr Merom says “Dance is a complex sensory motor … Continue reading

Iran Day

Helping clients (especially from NESB) to maintain cultural identity is so important – and a particularly fun way to do this is by celebrating national days. If you have a Persian or Iranian client, you could celebrate Persian culture  today, Iranian Independence Day or alternatively, during the last week of March, which is Iranian New Year. … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day

What? Valentine’s Day!! Wear? Red or pink? Make? Strings of hearts, cards, lebkuchen hearts? Chocolates? Decorate with? Flowers, love quotes etc Eat? Lebkuchen hearts Do? You could have a Concert with plenty of love songs. Or Love Song Dedications over PA system? Valentines Cards? Games with Hearts? How about a famous Couples Quiz – print out … Continue reading


With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, why don’t you make some truffles to serve with coffee tomorrow? They are delicious and very easy. You could prepare by doing steps 1-3 yourself first, and then have clients roll and decorate balls themselves. Don’t forget to check out your facility’s food handling prodecures first. Gloves, gloves, gloves!! Oh … Continue reading

Heart Health

Why not encourage your clients to think about CV health this Valentine’s Day? Source: Heart Foundation A healthy heart is about enjoying a healthy lifestyle & making this a part of your everyday life. It is also about taking positive steps to reduce risk factors. Everyone can do something to help prevent heart disease, including … Continue reading