Loving Latvia!!

Loving Latvia!!
Riga, Latvia

Riga, Latvia

Riga’s a lovely little city. Went for a wander around the city, yep, the old town, this morning on a free walking tour where I met two friendly Swedish girls from my hostel. Our guide took us to many a place, a highlight being up to the 26th floor of a hotel where we scored an amazing view of the city. We had some lunch at Latvia’s Sizzler – Lido – good Lithuania food (I think?) and about £2!!

Went to the Occupation of Lativa museum this afternoon – this tiny country has had a rough old past too!! They were attacked from both sides; Germany decided they wanted her, then Russia thought, hey, we want a piece too! So loads of Latvians were sent to work and concentration camps, Jews mostly exterminated and finally the war was over, but now the Soviets had control, that is until 1991, and they were finally on their own. Well independent is what I mean.

Riga’s on a harbour, and later this afternoon I went for a wander by the harbour – there were HUGE chunks of ice, maybe as big as small cottages racing downstream.

This evening I met up with the Swedish girls again at the Riga Opera House – we saw Verdi’s Aida for about £3! It was great, though I can’t get used to Opera Houses looking all old and sensible like.


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