Hostels are cool.

Hostels are cool.
Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw, Poland

Hostels are cool.

So I’ve not had the pleasure of sleeping alone for three weeks. So I’m now used to tea and coffee neat. I’ve been exposed to foot aromas more potent than those of my younger brother’s. I may or may not have performed an excited naked dance last night at discovering the NON HAND HELD shower released HOT water and I have been kept up by sounds less pleasant than snoring (people spend valuable bandwith on this stuff!?! Why?).

(What is the story with snoring btw? How do people forget to breathe normally when they sleep? And how is it that there’s angry snoring?? And while I’m at it, how come they are the only ones in the whole room not awakened by this noise!?!)

But for meeting people – they’re great. For example, last night, a Polish bloke showed me his favourite spots around Krakow – “Even more beautiful at night.” This morning, I had coffee with a Krakow girl. This afternoon I met a bloke from Ukraine and this evening, I watched Algeria win an Africa cup match against Morocco with an Algerian bloke (for the first time in thirty years) before inflicting my poor film choices upon a Scottish couple with an old Polanski film.


That said, a night alone in my Australian room with my green cotton sheets in my big bed will be most welcome.


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