Salt Mines

Salt Mines
Wieliczka, Poland

Wieliczka, Poland

Got into Krakow from Prague on the night train at about 0650…headed straight for the hostel and we (Harry, Nuria and I) were uber grateful to discover had our beds already prepared for us and we hit them straight away.

After out little morning nap, Harry and I took a trip to the Wuekiczka Salt Mines today – they were incredible. Another Unesco listed spot. It’s hundreds of kilometers of hand pick axed tunnels, all entirely made of salt – all the colours of the salt rainbow – light grey, gray, white…apparently not the largest salt mine in Europe, (with Austria holding that title) but, according to the guide, “the most beautiful”.

Probably the most impressive bit was a huge chapel, made entirely out of salt. Crucifix, and other various religious/scriptual scenes, chandeliers, polished salt floors (looked like marble). They have weddings and events there and mass is there every Sunday, the late pontiff John Paul II a relatively recent visitor.

I went out for Sushi with Nuria and Harry then hit the old town with some other spanish guys from the hostel – great night, Krakow is beautiful.


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