Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

Oh I love Prage.

This is a beautiful city.

Stayed here four days, could easily make it more. Have been hanging out with a lovely spanish couple, Nuria and Harry. On my first night, we went to this wonderful Czech pub for a meal. And it wasn’t fried cheese for me! Yay! 🙂 There was an old bloke playing the accordian for us all – what a treat. 🙂 Stone walls, huge wooden tables, everyone rosy cheeked and drinking dark beer out of huge steins. They took me for a stroll through the city on the way home – Charles Bridge, a pedrestraian bridge and what I imagine London Bridge may have looked like in its glory days, was beautiful and completely disneyesque, with its cobbled streets and prettily painted stone buidings and archways.

The old town is beatiful – it’s perfectly preserved and thanks to the fact that they basically said ‘yep’ to Germany straight off, they really didn’t have much destroyed during WWII. Just the old town hall which has been virtually left as is as a reminder. Obviously also destryed was the Jewish quarter, though not materially – while it was once buzzing, now it’s virtually empty, like so many of the cities I have seen so far. The guide said that there was a Jewish quater because someone decided in the 16th Century (I think) that they wanted all the Jews contained so they were all pushed in there and not allowed out….there is an old cemetary, a tiny space which amazingly has 12 000 people in it because they had to put bodies in one on top of the other, sometimes 12 deep!! Amazing.

There is a street for Good King Wenceslas who incidentally was murdered by his evil brother. And also Jan Hus features in the main square with a huge statue. That bloke was a hero. He spoke out against keeping scriptures away from the congregations and was burned alive for his efforts! The main square had a market while I was there, which was quite exciting…lots of spirit and buzz. There were big paella looking things, huge slabs of meat being barbeqed, wooden crafts, crepes, fried cheese and muled wine, huge cinnamon donunts, a silver smith…

On my last day, I took a trip to the Museum of Communism. SO interesting. Communism is the devil. It’s (conservatively) estimated that Marx’s ideas have claimed around 100 million lives. Isn’t that amazing. This bloke, a journalist, a poet, an ‘intellectual adventurer’ penned his ideas and I supposed passionately pushed them and look at the consequences. How are people so sucked in to evil. There was interesting stuff about the propaganda and tools they used and also about how they completely changed schooling so they could brainwash children to think like good little communists.

At sunset, I climbed up a tower to get a view of the city. It was used to house a bell for centuries then the Germans got it and did surveilance from there. The view was incredible.

Now, the night train to Krakow!! It’s an incredible 50 Euros!! That’s close to ten times what I’ve been paying all along. Gonna try non sleeper for the first time! Here goes!!


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