Sofia, pretty name, pretty city.

Sofia, pretty name, pretty city.
Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia, Bulgaria

Yesterday the bloke from reception and I went to visit the sites of Sofia – parliament buildings and a few impresssive looking churches – one Russian one and two that bore resemblance to the Hagia Sofia in Istanbul – one actually with the same name.

I had dinner with the manager’s family, who are also vegetairans. 🙂 Rather fun. It was some sort of soy dish. And the manager and I stayed up watching Bulgarian TV – a bit of news, gracious, Libya!, a bit of classical music, some traditional dancing…

Today the reception guy and I went to Boyana, now part of Sofia due to urban sprawl, a separate village once upon a time. It’s beautiful, at the base of a mountain – snow around, which is still a treat for me, I’ll admit. I kicked at a snow pile and he says to me “Not much snow in Australia eh?”

We visited the UNESCO listed Boyana Church as well as the history museum. The church was tiny – close to the size of a train carriage, with beatifully and intrically painted pictures of Jesus and the saints completely covering the low, cave like walls.

I’ll be honest, I don’t mind the odd chruch. Once I push aside the intial “Oh-my-goodness-this-could-save-about-5 00-African-villages-from-a-lifetime-of- poverty” thoughts I kind of think “Wow! This is someone’s absolute best work – this is someone giving their talents – tileing, caring, bricklaying, painting, whatever, and doing it for God.

Christine Caine mentions in it “Stop acting like a Christian, just be one” and now I have similar thoughts on visiting a church – what happened tho these devotion, passion, talented, Spirit filled churches so that they’re now little more than museums, floors worn away by the trasping of tourists rather than the knees of people seeking God?

*Today’s fact for the day –

Saints Ciril and Methodius of BULGARIA invented the Cyrillic alphabet. Not Russians as most would be led to believe.


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