Posted in March 2011

Loving Latvia!!

Loving Latvia!!Riga, Latvia Riga, Latvia Riga’s a lovely little city. Went for a wander around the city, yep, the old town, this morning on a free walking tour where I met two friendly Swedish girls from my hostel. Our guide took us to many a place, a highlight being up to the 26th floor of … Continue reading

Middle Eastern Europe

Middle Eastern EuropeTrakai, Lithuania Trakai, Lithuania Oh, this place is totally amazing. It’s a tiny city 40 mins by bus from Vilnuis, the capital of Lithuania. It boasts two castles – one in ruins, one literally made me say ‘oh wow.’ The population is tiny, surely they could just about share one castle between two. … Continue reading

Warsaw Rising

Warsaw RisingWarsaw, Poland Warsaw, Poland So today I went to the museum of the Warsaw Rising. Like the Schindler’s museum, it is incredibly creatively done and follows the story of how the Polish Resistance Home Army fought a very uneven battle against the Nazis and Soviet for about three months to try to get Germany … Continue reading

Hostels are cool.

Hostels are cool.Warsaw, Poland Warsaw, Poland Hostels are cool. So I’ve not had the pleasure of sleeping alone for three weeks. So I’m now used to tea and coffee neat. I’ve been exposed to foot aromas more potent than those of my younger brother’s. I may or may not have performed an excited naked dance … Continue reading

Saving the world entire

Saving the world entireKrakow, Poland Krakow, Poland I visited Oscar Schindler’s Enamel Factory today. Definitely recommend it – one of the most interesting and creatively presented museums I have ever visited. And I have visited me a few museums in my time. It follows the plight of the Polish Jews – during WWII, and in … Continue reading


AuschwitzOswiecim, Poland Oswiecim, Poland Today, I visited the infamous Auschwitz. It was the largest Nazi German Concentration and death camp, in operation between the years of 1940 and 1945. 1 300 000 people were sent there. 1 300 000!!!! Most of them died, most of them being Jews, most of them in the death chambers. … Continue reading

Salt Mines

Salt MinesWieliczka, Poland Wieliczka, Poland Got into Krakow from Prague on the night train at about 0650…headed straight for the hostel and we (Harry, Nuria and I) were uber grateful to discover had our beds already prepared for us and we hit them straight away. After out little morning nap, Harry and I took a … Continue reading


PraguePrague, Czech Republic Prague, Czech Republic Oh I love Prage. This is a beautiful city. Stayed here four days, could easily make it more. Have been hanging out with a lovely spanish couple, Nuria and Harry. On my first night, we went to this wonderful Czech pub for a meal. And it wasn’t fried cheese … Continue reading

Cesky KrumLOVE

Cesky KrumLOVECesky Krumlov, Czech Republic Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic This town was recommended to me by a few unrelated people and so I thought I’d give it a go – it’s lovely. The whole town is actually Unesco listed. As I said to someone, who knew places like these existed outside of Disney cartoons – … Continue reading