Two’s a crowd

Two's a crowd
Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway

Spent the weekend I’m in Oslo! £12 return flights! 🙂 Woo hoo!

I’d heard it’s a beautiful city – it’s meant to be a lovely combination of man-made and God-made stuff – beautiful architecture and set in mountains so hiking and stuff is all very accessible but the combination of it being really cold (and snowy!!) and dark rather early meant that I stuck to the city. And that wasn’t a bad thing at all. Lovely city. Highlights include a quick trip to the royal palace, a wander along canals, the shopping streets, visiting a castle, a walk along the docks, going to mass in Norwiegen but my favourite – surprise, surpise would be the art gallery.

I went there saturday afternoon. I adore art galleries, wandering round, looking at beautiful works, lost in my own thoughts, occasionally listening to my iPod; it is a favourite activity of mine.

A few weeks ago, at the National Gallery in London, I was looking at a painting, headphones in, when this bloke motioned to me to pull them out, then he proceeded to try to sweet talk me.


Now, I would consider myself fairly friendly, I love talking to strangers, probably more than the next person, but I think headphones in, probably hood up, immersed in a painting communicates nothing if not ‘do not disturb.’ Kind of makes me cross and I do find it difficult to engage in polite conversation in such times. Maybe something to add to the prayer list.

Anyways, so I was in this gallery in Oslo, and this bloke starts chatting to me. I thought, here we go, and try to be polite yet communicate the message ‘I’m not interested at the same time’, but to no avail. He continued to chat to me throuought the rest of my time there; my pleading eye messages to security guards falling on, well blind eyes.

I thought there was a universal no talking in art galleries rule. Or is that libraries? Who knows. Anyway as I learned whilst walking through the Norwiegen masterpieces, he was an italian psychology professor, over here from country England at some sort of social inequality conference, so I suppose actually, he was an interesting bloke.

The next day I went back to try to rekindle the art gallery experience I was seeking. I wandered through the art works, and actually, I fell in love with two artists, Dahl and Munch. They had some amazing stuff. Dahl’s a landscape guy, Munch is the bloke who painted The Scream – and it is a beautiful painting. It’s based on a real experience of his of extreme mental anguish – he was walking along the Oslo harbour with two friends and he felt like the the world was melting away; he felt as though he was screaming at the top of his lungs and his friends couldn’t hear him.

So I was looking at these, and thinking how nice it was to have the freedom to be lost in my own thoughts when I hear a familiar “hullo!” Hehe. Guess who. You wouldn’t read about it. 🙂

Kind of ironic in a way – here I am, gazing up at Munch, in his homeland, with friends and screaming and feeling intense loneliness, and I am alone and quiet, on the other side of the world, feeling the opposite of loneliness. Though still kind of wanting to scream. 🙂


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