London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

Went to the Trocadero with youth group kids last night, which is like a HUGE tilt or timezone. Was fun. Then I met up with a girl from church – we had bubble (sago) tea in china town. And then I went home and went to bed and then woke up and here I am now, eating hummous and drinking coffee at work. 🙂 I’m seeing my wonderful vegetarian Australian friend whom I adore – we drink lots of tea together and perhaps we’re going to a friend’s house party tonight.

Thursday I went to the theatre – but there’s several theatres in London which particpate in a govt. scheme which makes theatre tickets free for those under 26. So there’s one on my way home from work which I love and go to when I can. That’s where I saw the Japanese story. Thursday night I saw a Jacobean one, didn’t love it actually, was about affairs and the like – was written in 1640 or something like that.

Tuesday I went to see the Regent’s St Christmas lights turned on!! 🙂 Lovely! And then went to see a film with a friend. **** film. We were arguing about plastic bags at Boots and taking up a poor lady’s time and he said ‘Alright, let’s not argue about this at the counter.’ Hehe. You just don’t need both a paper and plastic bag to carry a puffer! ‘Specially not when your jacket has giant pockets! In german, they call pockets jacket bags. Or jeans bags. Cute eh.

Monday I had off and went to the Natural History Museum. I was keen to see an exhibit called ‘In the Beginning’; very interesting.

I had a really nice Sunday – started a new bible study, it’s kind of my take on Alpha. And after church met a freind at this beautiful italian cafe on picadillly.

And Saturday, Rich and I went walking through farmland up north London. Beautiful actually.

Just about to finish a book – it’s called ‘Commissioner Catherine’, you may have heard of it or even read it, it was really nice. It’s about Booth’s granddaughter and she kind of tells Army history through a grandchild’s eyes. 🙂 Kind of fun too, that i’ve been living in london coz she mentions things and I think, hey! my boss used to manage that home, or hey! my friend’s parents lived on that farm, or hey! I walk past that college every day or even hey! I go to that corps!! 🙂 Fun!

Life’s good.


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