Waiting on the world to change

Waiting on the world to change
London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

I handed in my apron & waitressing pad tonight. Metophorically speaking that is. We use old bits of chopped up menu and the old apron really needs a good scrub before any symbolic handing over.

But by jove, it felt good.

I’m sure it would have felt equally good for my employers – I think they’ve been waiting for this day since I started at the place. I really wasn’t a great waitress. It must be said that I got good tips, but they were possibly sympathy tips. For example, a £30 tip after I made an awful latte. So awful I can’t bear to post the details on here.

It was good for the old ego too – I think there were tips that weren’t without alterior motives and thanks Jason, for that number you so stealthily placed in my apron. Shame you weren’t man enough to give it to my face. 🙂

I remember once being surprised by my mother downing a lemonade at the bar at the end of a shift. 🙂 Similarly, by Neil who had come to pick me up after a shift, bless him. My housemates came to visit as well.

People watching when waitressing is really interesting. Watching families celebrate birthdays, trying to work out if the awkward couple are on a first date, old friends catching up. You overhear some interesting conversations and more often than not, are dragged into them. Recently, a group of blokes were debating over whether, upon finding that the world would end in two minutes time everyone would bother making phonecalls to loved ones or they would skip that and jump the closest member of the opposite sex they could see. My two pence worth was drawing on the precedent made by the loved one phonecalling.passengers of that flight bound to crash on 9/11.

This other time, I heard a girl telling a group of friends about a dog who performed CPR on its master. They were all mocking her and laughing at her, telling her she was gullible; she insisted that it was true, due to the credible source from which she had gained this story – she had read it in the Metro. No comment.

I’d wanted to be a waitress for quite some time. I really am unsure why. I’m really glad to have given this a whack – I earned a couple of quid, met some great people, learned some good tricks, (three plates woo hoo) had some good times and saw a different side of london.

Now to be in only one, full time job! Woo hoo!! I was telling my boss about my excitement of this and the pending normal sleeping patterns that I am eagerly anticipated, saying, “now I will actually be happy and bubbly and friendly now” and he said, “oh my goodness, this is you tired, isn’t it.” 🙂 The best is yet to come! 🙂

Waitressing has now been crossed off my bucketlist.


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