London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

  • i saw the film avatar yesterday. i didn’t like it much.

  • i wore the banksy pyjama top to the cinema. i had worn it to bed the previous two nights.

  • there’s an article in today’s paper saying that people with religious convictions have a lower iq on the whole.

  • there’s also pictures of the opera house. with lots of naked people in front. i love it.

  • i saw corrine bailey rae last week. she was wonderful.

  • i started reading salvation story today. i really like it.

  • i <3 soy lattes.

  • i bought my little brother a pacman belt at camden markets for his birthday. i think he’ll like it.

  • you can’t tell that camden markets were recently destroyed by fire at all.

  • my first real day on the job today. i love this job.

  • st george hospital is advertising again for a mental health dt. my dream job. that’s the second time it has been run this year. if they don’t get a suitable candidate this time, they’ll give it to an ot and the postition will be lost to dts forever. 😦

  • a friend was here just for this weekend and i missed him because i was working. working too much is bad for your social life.

  • i quit waitressing today. i am a bad waitress. i’m pretty sure they’ve been waiting for my resignation since i started. the boss was polite and told me that it was sad.

  • i was a vegetarian teetotaler working in a steakhouse pub. i don’t know anything about the menu, nor anything about the fancy wines. i am also not pretentious enough to be all that good in a posh pub.

  • eg. a customer spilt his beer on the weekend. i soaked it up with a cloth, squeezed it into his glass and offered it back to him.

  • all the same, i do get the odd nice email written about me and get nice best tips. a lady told me once that i was the nicest thing on the menu. she wasn’t a lesbian. i suppose my general friendly clutziness, lack of pretense and unsuitablity is endearing.

  • i love that i can present things more nicely, carry three plates at once and clear up a table nicely and quickly now though.

  • i talked the receptionist into applying for a job. she bought me a block of chocolate in gratitude.

  • it’s mothering sunday in two weeks in england.

  • i went for a run today in a tshirt & was fine.

  • i knocked off twenty five minutes ago. time for bed.


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