Guido Fawkes’ Night

Guido Fawkes' Night
London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

Tonight was my first Guy Fawkes night (that I can remember!) Very exciting stuff.

Made me feel like one of the Secret Seven from Enid Blyton’s books or something, ever so exciting! Half wanted to go round the streets calling “a penny for the guy!”

Had planned on going to the council ones on Clapham Common with people from Church and the housemates, but was called into work so that’s where I went.

They had an event planned; a BBQ and Fireworks night, and it really was a lot of fun.

Standing out there in the cold, knitted hat on head, veggie burger in hand, chatting to one of the clients, watching the maintenance guy light the fireworks and stand back, the bangs of other fireworks going off in the background, I had one of those “wow, my life is so different here” moments.

Love it here.


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