Road Trip!

Road Trip!
Bristol, United Kingdom

Bristol, United Kingdom

Big day of driving today! Saw heaps! Started from Pembrokeshire and drove to Bath, through Wiltshire, stopped at Avebury and Stonehenge and then through to Salisbury before stopping for the evening in Bristol. Doesn’t sound like that much, but it felt rather full at the time! Wonderful day!

Bath was really interesting, really did have a roman feel to it. We didn’t go for a bath – I’ve seen ’em in Rome and Turkey and Neil’s done ’em.

Wiltshire was pretty, I told this lady from there who I chatted to while charity fundraising that I would def take a trip out there and I did. Just an interesting side note – I asked her if that was where the cutlery is made and she had no idea what I was talking about. Must be kind of like the “Aussie” hair products they flog over here.

Avebury, so exciting. Big rocks, similar story to Stonehenge, huge, there for some unknown reason. Sheep grazed amongst ’em, really picturesque area. Not so many tourists. Open all day and night.

Stonehenge was quite cool, we were too late for entry, shame but we still saw it and, yes, became the critisised tourists who peer in from outside the infamous wire gates. But only out of necessity, not because we were too tight for the entry fee.

Salisbury – lovely town, lots of Tudor architecture and of course, the Salisbury Cathedral, tallest in the UK. And also home of the Magna Carta. Quite impressive.

And now Bristol! Yay!


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