Coastal Path Wanderings

Coastal Path Wanderings
Trefin, United Kingdom

Trefin, United Kingdom

Woke up to blue skies after a beautiful sleep of about 12 hours this morning.

We hit the Pembrokeshire coastal path first thing – we were both in awe of how beautiful it was – God is such an amazing artist. I think too, when you’re cramped in the city for a long time, you appreciate it all the more. So yeah, it was beautiful, where we started was this mill that had been in operation for five hundred odd years before becoming obselete 100 years ago due to the production of cheap flour from other sources. The path continued, a frequently muddy, narrow path wrapped around high, rugged cliffs overlooking waves crashing on jagged rocks below, beautiful. Felt very Welsh.

The little town, Trefin, where we’re staying is so beautiful. Really small – too small for a supermarket even. A pub, a cafe, a post office and that’s about it. Neil and I were saying tonight that they can’t have done too much planning, the roads just seem to go anywhere, and the old stone houses are right on the road, and I mean right on. You know how you shouldn’t put your arm out of the car window for fear of it being chopped off by an oncoming car – the same goes for the poor Trefin children in the front bedrooms.

The nearest town is St. Davids, of Patron Saint fame, which is actually not a town at all, but the smallest city in the UK, due to the “if you’ve a cathedral, you’re officially a city” law. It’s also beautiful. Tonight, Neil and I chanced upon Evensong, which was a pleasant surprise. The roof is unusually all made of wood; Neil was concerned about termites.


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