Stafford, United Kingdom

Stafford, United Kingdom

V festival was wonderful – Neily and I had such a good time. I love music festivals – five years is definitely too long between drinks. V was unreal – so so many of my faves were there, James Morrison, definitely the highlight, though The Script, Lily Allen, Fat Boy Slim, Pete Murray, Natalie Imbrulia, Snow Patrol, Oasis & The Killers definetly make the highlight list. UK solo guy Ben’s Brother needs to be checked out too.

The UK really do music festivals well, it really was great, a real carnival atmosphere; rides, stalls, seedy food everywhere. The weather was actually really good too, always a bonus. Neil and I were NOT prepared for bad weather, we just went along as if it was in Sydney, and when it poured buckets when we arrived we were a little nervous, but that ended up being the extent of it thank goodness, all those people were wellied up in vain. Must be said that there were some lovely wellies being worn though, kind of made me tempted to take up a farm life, just so that I could wear wellies like that. Lovely, so many different patterns.

Top weekend!


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