Following the footsteps of the Founder

Following the footsteps of the Founder
Nottingham, United Kingdom

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Gen and I awoke early to catch the National Express bus to Nottinham. We arrived around 11ish, and caught a taxi straight to Booth’s birthplace in Sneiton.

We were met by the manager of the centre, which is a community centre and aged care facility and museum all in one, really nice bloke. He opened the museum up for us so we could have a little explore at our own pace.

the museum was really interesting and i was more than a little pleased to be in the actual room where where william booth was born! wow! there was actually something rather surreal about that actually, in all seriousness. we had the museum to ourselves and i had finished with the previous room quickly and so was in this room alone for a bit, and i was just thinking “wow. i am standing alone in the very room that william booth, the guy who started the salvos, who has, through God, influenced church history, shaken up society and changed many, many lives, including my own, was probably born. something rather cool about that.

we then went to a little chapel service and were shown around the aged care facility, at my request. i actually had a twinge of “oh i miss old people.” felt just like weeroona really to be honest. i sat and chatted to some of the employees, my colleagues 😉 and some of the old ladies, who i managed somehow to make instant friendships with. hehe. some people can talk to animals, i can talk to old people. 🙂

then the manager drove us to the centre of nottingham where we went to an open air, done by booth memorial corps. it was a beautiful, hot sunny summers day and they drew a bit of a crowd which was nice.


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