Where’s Wills?

Where's Wills?
St. Andrews, United Kingdom

St. Andrews, United Kingdom

It was highly recommended to me that I should pay St. Andrews a visit, so i thought why not, and off I went.

St. Andrews is a beatiful little town. It’s well known for its university, its golf course and the beach – which actually featured in the opening scenes of Chariots of Fire. And it actually had a beach that I would easily call ‘beautiful.’ I can’t think of another beach outside Aus, NZ or I suppose Samoa that I would call beautiful. Oh Tel Aviv. But no, not many.

Visited St. Andrew’s cathedral – I got a little surprise, when I heard the word cathedral, I was thinking, dimly lit, hushed tones, candles, you know the drill. But no, it’s actually an old, well, cathedral that was in operation hundreds of years ago, but is now virtually in ruins. In place of musty air, you’ve fresh sea air, in place of mosaic tiles covering the floor, it’s blanketed with long, thick green grass. There’s no stained glass windows, instead you can look straight out to the sea. Beautiful. My kind of church. Provididng the weather remains typically un-British I suppose.

St Andrews used to be a walled town, and as I walked to find myself a home made icecream (it was amazing), I followed these walls and exited through one of the only original entrance/exit points and there was a plaque dating it to the 13th century. Something uncanny about walking through man made things that old. Love it.

Loved St. Andrews. I can totally see what drew Wills to it.


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