The Land of Burns, Bagpipes and Braveheart

The Land of Burns, Bagpipes and Braveheart
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Left London Victoria late last night on a Megabus and arrived early this morning in Edinburgh.

Wandered around for a bit in town, checked out the botanical gardens, which are absolutely beautiful and went on one of those pseudo free tours this afternoon. I did one of these in Berlin and it was good, so I thought, why not. The tour took us around Edinburgh; along the Royal Mile (a bit over a mile to be fair – goes from Holy-rood – the Queen’s Scottish residence to the spectacular Edinburgh Castle), to Grey Friar’s Cemetery, the Grass Market, where people were hung. Met a nice bloke from the US, also in a committed long distance relationship, so we stuck together and had a bit of a wander around Edinburgh and commiserated over Haggis – mine was vegetarian – at a really old pub on the Grass Market street where people reportedly had their last drink before they were hung. Hate the idea of people hanging other people by the way, so inhumane and primitive sounding. Awful.

Edinburgh – yay! I love this city; it’s beautiful. Rather a pleasant surprise to be fair – I was totally expecting another London but it’s completely different. I love that the UK is so amazingly diverse.


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