My London top Ten (I think)

My London top Ten (I think)
London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

1. Tate Modern (big modern art gallery, on South Bank, amazing building, has some great stuff in it as well!) I’ve been there like six times, I think!
2. National Gallery & Portrait Gallery – on Trafalgar Square, worth a visit…Nat gallery has some cool impressionist stuff, and the Portait Gallery has the originals of portraits of Shakespeare or various royals you’ve seen a million times, amongst many others.
3. A broadway show – there’s a million shows on at any one time in London, and you can buy half price tickets at Leister Square on the morning.
4. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre – it’s a building on southbank made to look and feel like the Globe, and they’ve done a good job. You can see a play there, at the moment I think it’s Romeo and Juliet and Troyus and Cressida – standing tickets start from 5 pound…you’ve gotta prebook about a week or so in advance, they sell out quickly.
5. British Museum – mainly full of stuff the Brits have stolen from everyone else when the British Empire was in full swing. THe Rosetta stone is in there.
6. Oxford Street & Regent street – great shopping – my church is on this street, terrific spot. Soho is just near here, lots of nice bars and restaurants + lots of the Theatres.
7. Southbank in general, you can walk along the Thames path, a few km, but this is where you see Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, St Pauls (you can pay to go right up the top of this, the view is quite terrific), The Gherkin (cool new building), and Tower of London. There’s a few little shops and galleries and the like too.
8. Buckingham Palace and the changing of the guard. I would say totally overrated, but it’s one of those things you’ve got to do, I think. On every day during summer. Draws amazing crowds. There’s a rather lovely part out the front, St. James’ which is worth a wander.
9. Great markets – Camden Market (grungy, alternative stuff), Covent Garden (touristy, antiquy stuff), Borough Market (amazing food), Portobello Road Market (arty, funky stuff + antiques)
10. Whitechapel – Mile End where the Salvos stated and the William Booth Statues are, so so exciting! Also, of course International Head Quarters on Victoria St. They do a rather good fairtrade coffee!


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