Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside

Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside
Brighton, United Kingdom

Brighton, United Kingdom

Thought since I was unemployed on the first day of summer, I’d take full advantage of it and take a trip down to Brighton for the day. Two hours south of london by bus.

Had a look at the Birghton Pier, it’s a cool place, think it opened in the early part of last century and they used to have big bands play there all the time. I could imagine that, you know. Still somehow has that old traditional seaside feel, which was nice. I had the song “Hello, hello, who’s your lady friend” stuck in my head, because of the line, “It wasn’t the girl I saw you with at Briiiighton…..” Went to the fishing museum (yes, Belinda went to a museum!!!) and saw these old photos of the pier when it used to be like that, loved it! Can so imagine some of my old Brit ressies hanging out on there with their fur stolls and net hats. Brighton Pier now is ever so slightly different, has lots of multicultural food stalls, an amusement arcade and a few rides on it.

Spent some time lying in the sun, reading a book in these gardens. There was this huge palace there which was really impressive. Reminded me of pictures I’d seen of the Taj Mahal or something like that.

Lovely place. Though, to be honest, foolishly I was hoping for Cronulla, and it just didn’t quite hit the mark. Pebbly beaches are cool though. It was packed actually, the beach, lots of people sunbaking, and the day was beautiful. The water was a bit chilly though, and actually a rather odd shade of yellowy green and consequently, there were only a couple of people actually in the water. All in all, a lovely day trip.


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