Posted in June 2009

Pro Brochere Handerouterer

Pro Brochere HanderoutererLondon, United Kingdom London, United Kingdom I was approached one day (I like to think of it as being head hunted ;)) whilst chugging about a job going as a promotions person, good money, cash in hand, so after I handed in my notice so to speak, I thought, why not. Something different. … Continue reading

My London top Ten (I think)

My London top Ten (I think)London, United Kingdom London, United Kingdom 1. Tate Modern (big modern art gallery, on South Bank, amazing building, has some great stuff in it as well!) I’ve been there like six times, I think! 2. National Gallery & Portrait Gallery – on Trafalgar Square, worth a visit…Nat gallery has some … Continue reading

Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside

Oh I do like to be beside the SeasideBrighton, United Kingdom Brighton, United Kingdom Thought since I was unemployed on the first day of summer, I’d take full advantage of it and take a trip down to Brighton for the day. Two hours south of london by bus. Had a look at the Birghton Pier, … Continue reading