Castle Contemplations

Castle Contemplations
London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

Commemorating the end of my time in Dover Castle (for now), I thought I’d complile a little list of memorable moments:

1. The first time I entered the room, saying a cheery “hello” and receiving (at best!) grunts from other guests in the room. Thinking that one of those was the most openly hostile person I had ever met when some poor soul knocked on the door a few minutes later and she bellowed f*** off to him or her.

2. A few hours later, breaking the ice with this openly hostile woman with Turkish Delight. Becoming rather good friends with this woman, who ended up being a rather interesting character; Australian, had an Army upbringing, a Uni lecturer and qualified psychologist. She gave me all sorts of good job hunting, travel, London tips as well as support and a friendly encouraging listening ear when going to and from job interviews, house hunting and the like. I was a little concerned about whether I’d be liked when I went to meet my new clapham mates and she was like “what’s not to like, I’ve loved watching you interact with people.”

3. Returning from being in Berlin and Israel and being greeted by one of the guys I knew from the Hostel on the street on the way and thinking, “I feel like I’m returning home – is this a nice thought or a depressing thought.”

4. Going to the Laundromat with Matt and sitting in front of the driers, warming ourselves up…Matt was a lovely fellah who showed me round and gave me heaps of support over the first couple of weeks…helped me with settling in, opening bank accounts and NI numbers, showing me the Laundromat and the like.

5. Sleeping fully clothed (think jeans and hoody!) for the entire stay due to feeling uncomforable with wearing pyjamas infront of strange boys.

6. The water saving showers that require you to press the tap literally every fifteen seconds.

7. On my third last night, talking to a rough looking, tattooed, skin headed bloke in the next bed from me, and him telling me the he had just gotten out of prison.

8. Hearing a bloke’s story; he’d just been deported 7 days ago for overstaying a visa in the US and his fiancé had just passed away within this time! Horrible.

9. A free…uhhh…show…’till 4am one morning, and considerately, 2am the next. And seeing 360 degrees of a completely naked, rather large Aboriginal girl.

10. Having an eighties singalong/dance-along with some of the residents on my last night. So complimentary about my singing voice.

Not at all sad about moving to Clapham though, so so excited!!


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