Posted in May 2009

Confessions of a Chugger

Confessions of a ChuggerLondon, United Kingdom London, United Kingdom **chugger noun a person who is paid to stand in a public place and ask people who pass by to make regular donations to a particular charity. From the phrase ‘charity mugger.’ For the past three weeks, I’ve been employed as a paid professional fundraiser for … Continue reading

Getting an education in Oxford

Getting an education in OxfordOxford, United Kingdom Oxford, United Kingdom Went to Oxford today for training for this new charity fundraising job…Oxford’s beautiful…so green! Got there a few hours before I was due so that I could have a little wander. Had a look at the town in general, the university, the cathedral, this other … Continue reading

Castle Contemplations

Castle ContemplationsLondon, United Kingdom London, United Kingdom Commemorating the end of my time in Dover Castle (for now), I thought I’d complile a little list of memorable moments: 1. The first time I entered the room, saying a cheery “hello” and receiving (at best!) grunts from other guests in the room. Thinking that one of … Continue reading