Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey

I got an upgrade from a twin share to a single room last night, it was absoluetly beautiful. First time I had a room to myself in over a month!!!!! It had a TV and everything, I found an American kid’s christian channel, so spend part of the evening watching Psalty the Singing Songbook tackle the issue of Anorexia. Very educational. The manager of the Hotel offered to show me around today, taking half a day off work to do so! Turkish people are incredibly helpful and hospitable. We started out in the Blue Mosque. First time I’d ever been in a mosque. It was huge and ornately decorated. Lots of lights everywhere, all energy efficient ones too, you’ll be pleased to know. We went for a walk through their equivelant of the botanical gardens – tulips are out and they look beautiful!! Next, we went through a bit of the Istanbul City, and then caught a ferry on the Bosphorus. I always find skylines interesting when there’s a mix of skyscrapers and old buildings, and Istanbul was no exception. I wanted to go to the Florence Nightingale Museum and eventually after a long trek, we found it, catching a Dolma part the way. Dolmas are what they call shared taxis – dolma is turkish for stuffed. But alas, since the museum is in millitary grounds, we were not let in, have to book in in advance. What a shame. So visited a local, suburban mosque instead. Rather similar to the blue mosque, just smaller. Went out for Baklava and tea with my new room mate tonight, she’s Serbian and lovely. An architect. Another hotel upgrade – from dorm accomodation to twinshare. Must be my lucky week! The cafe we went to was cool; lots of turkish men smoking sheesha and playing Backgammon (I think?)


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