The Holy City

The Holy City
Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem, Israel

Yesterday started with an awakening to the prayers of Allah, which was rather lovely. What a way to start the day.

We left to go to the Garden Tomb, which is where some people think that Jesus may have been crucified and buried. It was actually really nice, quiet and peaceful and the gardens were beautiful.

Quite different was the church of the Holy Sepulcre which is another spot where archeologists think Jesus died and was buried. Quite similar to yesterday’s catholic church adventure.

We sat for a little while on the mount of Olives. It was quite an emotive place as it is where Jesus sweated drops of blood and Ian, our guide pointed to some city gates, which Jesus would have seen the people come through with torches to arrest him.

We went down the Via Delorosa which is where the stages of the cross are traditionally taken. Just happened to walk past Mary’s birth house. Had a look at Solomon’s quarry, this was quite interesting.Visited the Jaffa Gate and had a little look at some of the shops.

Today, we went out to the desert. We went out to a place called Masada where 900 rebel jews were virtually forced to kill each other, so arabic people wouldn’t. Husbands killing wives and children, before killing themselves. Horrible. We took a cable car up this huge cliff. We also stopped at this place called En Gedi, not to be confused with the baby photographer. We went on a rather lovely walk to a waterfall and had a little lunch. Mmm…’yellow cheese’ sandwhich. Nothing like a bit of yellow cheese, really hits the spot.

Then – the moment we were all waiting for, the dead sea! Really fun! I was a bit scared strangely. Note to self two things: Don’t lick the water, and don’t shave your legs within about two days prior – neither are pleasant experiences. I’d take Bondi anyday!

Daniel, Reyka and I went to the markets before tea. Reyka and I bought matching Winnie the Jew t-shirts – so suss!!


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