Easter Sunday in the Holy Land

Easter Sunday in the Holy Land
Bethlehem, Israel

Bethlehem, Israel

On Saturday, day three, we went to Nazareth. We visited this great recreated village which was meant to be what it was like back in Jesus’ day. There were shepherds and weavers, girls picking olives and sheep and donkeys; it was great! We stopped for some lunch and a wander in Nazareth. I went to the Church of Ascencion which is said to be where Gabriel told Mary of what is coming. There were all these mosaics of all different countries in the courtyard and I was a little dissapointed when I couldn’t find Australia’s. But went inside, lovely fairly typically catholic and aha! there is was, prime position near the front. And why shouldn’t it have been. On the steps of the Cathdral was such a gruesome sight, a beggar was sitting there and it looked as though he had picked horrible huge ulcers into his legs and was of course displaying if for the world and his wife to see. Horrible! Makes me shudder now, just remembering it! We drove from Nazareth to Meggido or Armageddon. Here we watched a film and had a look at the view, pretty impressive. What I liked about the place was all the millipedes – there were heaps, pretty impressive. I successfully gave me roomate, Rayka a rather good fright by brushing her neck with a foreign object. Shamefully, not minutes later, she successfully recipricated and I screamed like a girl. She’s so much fun. She’s 25, married and from Berlin. We’ve been having a great time, trying to understand each other! She’s obviously much better at English than me German. We were invited by the hotel to join on the Passover Feast. We looked a little out of place surrounded by people in skullcaps. It was really fun, lots of food and we were treated to a few rousing Jewish tunes. Later that night, I went for a little walk with one of the guys on the tour out to the jetty and had a look at the lights of Tiberius. Easter Sunday began with a little meeting on the shores of Gallilee which was really nice. We went out for a little drive to this amazing pool which was filled with water from Mt Hebron. It was this amazing blue colour and suprisingly warm. We drove then to the Judean landscape which was really interesing; it went from being lovely and green to being a craggy, rocky desert. Quite different to the desert I saw in Dubai though, more grey and rocky. We actually drove through the Westbank and stopped there for lunch! Something fun about spending Easter lunch at the Westbank! We saw the caves where the deadsea scrolls were discovered. It’s funny, you know, somehow it doesn’t really feel like Easter. I said “He is risen” a few times this morning, hoping for the traditional reply, but two times I got a “yeah!” and once a polite smile. Mustn’t be a universal greeting afterall. Wie schade. It’s been great though, and a little surreal to think that the ground I’ve been walking on is the very ground that so many people I have heard about all my life have walked on and I’m going to places I have heard about my whole life. Even just seeing a street sign that says “Galilee” or “Nazareth” is quite surreal.


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