Hanging out at Tegal Airport

Hanging out at Tegal Airport
Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Last day in Berlin! I went back an revisited the Brandenburger Tor this morning for a couple of extra happy snaps of it. Then I joined the line at the Reichstag for about two and a half hours to get up to the top to see a view of Berlin. I must say it was worth it. The same guy who designed London’s infamous Gherkin designed a similarly quirky glass dome for the Reichstag which visitors can go up – and it doesn’t cost anything which is a bonus. Next I had a quick peruse through the shops of the Hauptbahnhof and then wandered down to the Hamburg Bahnhof Art Gallery. I had heard that there was some Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstien there but I never saw it; somehow I must have missed it. I don’t know if I’d necessarily recommend this gallery though. I mean, I enjoy the odd bit of abstract art, as much as if not more than the next person does, however that’s all this art gallery seemed to have. I actually don’t think I saw a single painting. Lots of obsure films, piles of cement and a rather disturbing collection of photographs based on a theme of self mutilation though! It was an absolutely gorgeous day today, so on my way back to the ‘Tor, I spotted a river and lots of sunbakers lying on its banks, so I found myself a spot amongst them and sat down for a bit. There were a group of fellahs kicking a Sponge Bob Square Pants ball around. At one point, this accidentaly fell into the water, so before I knew it, the boy who appeared to have drawn the short straw was down to his boxer shorts and jumping in the river, fishing the ball out. A bit of obligatory splashing ensued and before long, the four of them were in the drink. I was hastily thrust the camera and requested to be the photographer of the whole event. Ola (“like Ole” as he explained to me) and his mates were celebrating one of the member’s birthdays – he would turn 21 tomorrow. I got the feeling that a bit of a big night was on the way. I was kindly invited to join, but this was polietly declined due to uhh…my pending plane trip. “Can you believe”, he started, as he dried himself with one of his mate’s hoodies and shook the water out of his hair, “that we have lived in this city for 21 years and never have we swam in this river.” “That might not be such a bad thing” I replied, eyeing a rather large tourist ferry pushing its way through the murky waters, one of the several I’d seen since sitting in the spot not twenty minutes before. Seemed to fall on deaf ears as he cast away the borrow hoodie and grabbed one of his near dry mates and flung the both of them back in the greyish waters. Now, a few hours later, I am sitting on a cold, hard, metal seat in Berlin’s Tegal airport, and I will be for several hours to come. Course, I could be soundly sleeping in a nice, warm bed, but that would have meant forking out several extra euros for the bed and a taxi! Seemed like a good idea at the time. Yay – all for Israel! Can’t wait!


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