Visit to the Heilsarmee

Visit to the Heilsarmee
Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

This morning, I went to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. It was build in the 1890´s and badly damaged when it was bombed in 1943. They´ve since rebuilt a new church building next door, but left the old one as a memorial and reminder of the damage and senselessness of war. Had a look at the main shopping street, had hoped to see KaDaWe, which is the second biggest European department store (after Harrods) but strangely, it was closed Sunday. Good for them, they must be believers. Well, I`m never one to stand in the way of someone honouring the Sabbath and keeping it holy!  Tonight I went to the Mitte Salvation Army Church. It´s a little corps, but so, so friendly. So many people came up to me and had a chat and shook my hand, it was lovely. I had a rather long conversation with a guy who couldn´t speak any English, which was interesting. A fair bit of smiling and nodding, but I think I got away with it…I think…     It’s a small world in the ‘Army, even on the other side of the world! One of the girls I spoke to, we had a mutual friend. The bandmaster (without a band) talked about another Brissy guy I knew of. And this retired Scottish officer I spoke to, I’d been in a previous favourite quarters of hers, when I visited Debbie Green in ´07! Small world! A young female soldier preached tonight. She spoke of being laid off from her job as a school teacher for no reason, which I suppose is indicative of the financial situation Berlin is in at the moment. Nothing was said about Palm Sunday, which I thought was strange but that is okay. I recognised one song book song – I think it goes something like ‘Be strong in the Lord and rejoice.’ The corps officer, who was actually having some time off translated the whole service for myself and a visiting Scottish lady. She invited me over for supper afterwards and so I joined the Scottish lady and the retired scottish officer and we had a lovely chat & supper in the quarters. So nice to have home cooked food for a change!! She even prayed for me (in German) before I left!  One little additional note – the other day I commented that I couldn’t get into the German history; she was telling me all about living in it…now that’s one way to get into it! Hearing it from someone who was there. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a few times, what a horrific history. Although, all countries probably have their horrific pasts…take a look at Australia for one, what we did to the Aboriginies under the guise of ‘helping’ and ‘protecting’ them was obviously anything but!!


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