Topographie of Terrors

Topographie of Terrors
Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Visited the Topographie of Terrors today. It’s kind of like an outdoor museum; it’s pictures and the history of the Nazis documented on plaques amonsgt a park. Quite a nice setting for a not so nice subject. Honestly, I wasn’t all that keen on modern history at school, and although I’m in the city itself, reading about it on plaques in the city and reading about it in a book in history class isn’t hugely different and most of what I read went over my head a bit unfortunately. There were a couple of things that stuck out though: One was a letter that an SA guard had sent to his wife about working at a camp. It basically was saying ‘I’m well, how are the kids. This place would be really nice if it wasn’t for all the shooting.’ It’s kind of surreal to imagine that someone who had a wife and kids could be shooting other people’s wives and kids. Also that it kind of sounds like he’s saying that that the shooting people is almost an inconvenience, like it is ruining his day. Another was this picture of about five people hanging from trees…horrific picture! Horrific! The second I saw that, I felt my pommes frites rising. Another picture was of a big crowd of people all excitedly milling around the front porch of this house, evidently getting stuff out of it. The caption explained that it was the house of a Jew that had been taken off to a camp, and an auction of all his possessions was about to start. Horrible eh? But I wonder, were these were normal people, like you and I, conditioned to think that Jews were horrible people and just excited to get their hands on cheap stuff. Awful. On a lighter note, I got a phone call tonight to tell me I got the job (YAY!) so I celebrated with some Spaghetti Eis! Spaghetti Eis has been a bit of a lifelong dream for me, so it was a pretty exciting event. Spaghetti Eis macht spaß!! It’s a bit of a German speciality, it’s pretty much vanilla icecream squeezed into spaghetti shape, with strawberry sauce and grated white chocolate on top to look like parmesan. Mmm…lecker!!


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